Energy Audit Conditional Grant for Commercial (2021)

  1. As a continuity from Energy Audit Conditional Grant under RMK-11 Energy Efficiency Projects, we are in the process of applying for funding for a similar project which is expected to be implemented for year 2020-2021.
  2. Energy audit is a systematic process to understand how and where the energy being used, to explore on how to manage it and identify the energy savings potential.
  3. In general, the project component consists of:
    • Energy Auditing which will include two areas of electrical and thermal energy (if any);
    • Implementation of the Energy Saving Measures, including Monitoring & Reporting (for 3 years after energy audit)
    • Capacity building & trainings of energy audit and energy management of electrical and thermal.
  1. Open to any existing building with commercial electricity tariff which listed under the Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulation (EMEER) 2008 by Energy Commission and has a valid appointed Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM).
  2. For those are eligible and interested may pre-register by filling out the online form here or download for hardcopy
    (Form -A)
    166.64 KB
      and submit to SEDA Malaysia or e-mail to / .
  3. Implementation of project;
    • Executing Ministry: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
    • Secretariat: Energy Commission
    • Implementing agency: SEDA Malaysia (Commercial Sector)


  • To provide awareness the importance of implementing energy audits as part of energy efficiency and conservation exercise.
  • To provide financing assistance to the eligible applicants through grant, as a catalyst for the implementation of energy audit, in order to identify the current energy consumption pattern, setting the Baseline and identify the energy savings potential.
  • To provide a platform and facilitation for the implementation of energy saving measures based on the energy audit report outcome.
  • To ensure electrical energy saving achieved through the implementation of the energy saving measures proposed in the energy auditor report.
  • Development of capacity building in industry to meet the demand of energy audit activity in the commercial sector / industry.


The building under this Energy Audit Conditional Grant Program for Commercial Sector which has been implemented the Energy Saving Measures and achieve the energy saving is eligible for Sustainable Low Carbon Building Assessment using Construction Industry Standard 2012, CIS 20:2012 (GreenPASS) assessment scheme. Visit for more information.